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We believe that everyone should have access to the joy of haiku poetry, and we're committed to keeping our platform free and accessible to all. However, we rely on the support of generous donors to help us cover the costs of running and improving our website.

If you believe in our mission and want to support us, please consider making a donation to "I Haiku You." Your contribution will help us to continue providing a platform that empowers people to express themselves through the art of haiku, reducing stress and increasing happiness in the process.

Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference in helping us to achieve our goals. We're grateful for any support you can give, and we promise to use your donations wisely, investing in the development of new features and resources that will benefit our community of haiku enthusiasts.
Thank you for considering a donation to "I Haiku You." Together, we can make the world a more creative, expressive, and joyful place through the power of haiku poetry.
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